About LivRapide

Since 2006, Distribution LivRapide has specialized exclusively in the transport and distribution of goods.

The focus and professionalism of our team are at the source of our success and a significant part our clients’ achievements.

Our fleet of vehicles and our drivers are always ready for action.

Whether you have a delivery from time to time or a specialized and recurrent multi-site distribution, LivRapide can accommodate your most complex needs and your tightest deadlines.

But nothing that we can communicate to you in writing can replace a real experience illustrating our business promise. So don’t hesitate any longer and test our services today!

Our playground:

The Greater Montreal

Wherever you want to transport and distribute your goods in the Province of Québec, LivRapide is at your service. We load, transport and distribute cargo ranging from one or two boxes to multiple large lots, each with many boxes or items. We do it anytime, on time, and securely. Our promise is consistency in the high quality of our service and the professionalism of our team.

Say goodbye to your transportation challenges.

We understand unequivocally that the transport of your goods, their precise and punctual distribution are determining factors in the success of your business. At LivRapide, we do not compromise on the precision of our planning and the reliability of the execution of the distribution of your products. When you trust us, we don’t disappoint you.

At LivRapide, we are aware of the environmental implications of road transport. But as this mode of transport remains a must for many companies, we do everything in our power to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible. For example, our delivery people never let their engines run if they are stopped to unload your goods or, even, if the waiting time at level crossings is medium or long, they shut down their engines to limit as much as possible the pollution. Our vehicles pass all the necessary tests so that their engines are up to current standards.

When it comes to your goods and the safety of others, we do not compromise on the level of professionalism of our drivers, their driving skills, and their compliance with regulations and laws in force. They are courteous, polite, punctual, always ready to help, in short, real pros!

In order for your goods to reach their destination, our fleet of vehicles must be ready for action at all times. We maintain this fleet in condition to deliver without compromise so that our customers can be reassured that we will load, transport and distribute their goods on time at the precise location where these different deliveries have been planned beforehand.

What our customers say about us…

%22LivRapide is undoubtedly a partner of choice for all residential deliveries on the Island of Montreal. The performance has always been exceptional as well as their quick, efficient and tailor-made service to our needs. This partner is one of the main reasons why Marché Goodfood is so successful in this sector.%22

Patrick Rivard

Logistics Manager, GoodFood


Is LivRapide a courier service?

No. LivRapide is not a traditional courier service. Nevertheless, we can occasionally help our customers who need a small delivery. Contact us to find out more.

Can you pick up a load and distribute portions of it in different places?

Absolutely! LivRapide is an outstanding distributor. We plan and distribute your goods to the four corners of the Greater Montreal. Contact us today for a free quote.

What is your delivery range

LivRapide picks up, transports, delivers and distributes throughout the Greater Montreal. Occasionally, we can make certain exceptions and transport within a larger range. Contact us to find out more.

Does asking you for a quote commit me to anything?

No, not at all. We are honored to send you one free of charge. We are confident that we will be competitive and that you will be satisfied with our prices and our performance. Request your free quote today!

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