A fleet ready for action at all times

LivRapide is at your service with vehicles adapted to the most complex transport and distribution needs.

A fleet ready for action at all times

LivRapide is at your service with vehicles adapted to the most complex transport and distribution needs.

Vehicles suitable for your specific transport.

The variety of formats in our vehicles gives you the flexibility you need for all of your freight transportation requirements. No problem to access residential places where large trucks are prohibited or to transport large lots of boxes to the four corners of the Greater Montreal.

Our vehicles

To provide you with unmatched flexibility, our fleet includes a variety of vehicle formats to accommodate the most demanding needs. Below is a sampling of our vehicles.

Large-scale distributions

LivRapide can accommodate all of your merchandise distribution needs at all your points of sale or warehouses in the Greater Montreal.

When it comes to moving large quantities of goods from one warehouse to another or distributing them to multiple sites, having access to a fleet of trucks is critical. LivRapide is definitely the company for these kind of missions.

Large distributions

Are you a small or medium-sized company with relatively large freight transportation needs? LivRapide is equipped with a fleet of vehicles to safely accommodate your multi-site distributions throughout the Greater Montreal.

Do you need to distribute small or medium quantities of goods periodically and on a recurring basis to different points of sale in the Greater Montreal? LivRapide has the ability and fleet to fulfill these kinds of requests.

Small and medium deliveries

Sometimes some of our customers may not have high volume deliveries at certain times of the year. However, they sometimes want to deliver a few boxes to their customers without hiring a traditional courier. LivRapide is able to accommodate this kind of requirement.

It is not uncommon that during special events or other specific functions that some of our customers require to distribute, in multiple locations, small quantities of goods such as for example product samples , promotional items, or perishables. LivRapide can fulfill these types of mandates at any time so you can go about your business with peace of mind.

Rapido presto!

Do you have a rush small delivery to handle”? Our fleet of small vehicles sneak in everywhere and go straight to your customers.

At LivRapide, we are aware of the environmental implications of road transport. But as this mode of transport remains a must for many companies, we do everything in our power to limit our impact on the environment as much as possible. For example, our delivery people never let their engines run if they are stopped to unload your goods or, even, if the waiting time at level crossings is medium or long, they shut down their engines to limit as much as possible the pollution. Our vehicles pass all the necessary tests so that their engines are up to current standards.

When it comes to your goods and the safety of others, we do not compromise on the level of professionalism of our drivers, their driving skills, and their compliance with regulations and laws in force. They are courteous, polite, punctual, always ready to help, in short, real pros!

In order for your goods to reach their destination, our fleet of vehicles must be ready for action at all times. We maintain this fleet in condition to deliver without compromise so that our customers can be reassured that we will load, transport and distribute their goods on time at the precise location where these different deliveries have been planned beforehand.

What our customers say about us…

“LivRapide is undoubtedly a partner of choice for all residential deliveries on the Island of Montreal. The performance has always been exceptional as well as their quick, efficient and tailor-made service to our needs. This partner is one of the main reasons why Marché Goodfood is so successful in this sector.”

Patrick Rivard

Logistics Manager, GoodFood


Is LivRapide a courier service?

No. LivRapide is not a traditional courier service. Nevertheless, we can occasionally help our customers who need a small delivery. Contact us to find out more.

Can you pick up a load and distribute portions of it in different places?

Absolutely! LivRapide is an outstanding distributor. We plan and distribute your goods to the four corners of the Greater Montreal. Contact us today for a free quote.

What is your delivery range

LivRapide picks up, transports, delivers and distributes throughout the Greater Montreal. Occasionally, we can make certain exceptions and transport within a larger range. Contact us to find out more.

Does asking you for a quote commit me to anything?

No, not at all. We are honored to send you one free of charge. We are confident that we will be competitive and that you will be satisfied with our prices and our performance. Request your free quote today!

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